[HIATUS] 忘れた✿ゆめ
Hi guys!

My name is Yume, Im mixed and i have 20 years old.
This is my simblr, enjoy.
I dont take request and i dont give follow back to all, and i dont follow TS4 blogs.

primulasim asked: WCIF those adorable horns on your green hair sim? (。◕‿◕。)

not sure what horns are you saying but maybe here.

匿名 asked: wcif the winged sneakers amber is wearing? btw, that sim is gorgeous. thank you love

that sneakers are by me haha but these recolor is personal use sorry >< similar shoes you can find here.

匿名 asked: Mix of what?


匿名 asked: WCIF the blush on your green haired sim?she is pretty!

here, and thanks!

匿名 asked: whats your origin?(race, not actually origin)

mm im not sure what do you mean but im mixed >,<

Amber *3*

Maybe i go to upload this models, maybe.

匿名 asked: Wcif This skin and face freckles. C: /post/65417580972/testing-cazy-new-hair-in-miyu-love-it

All is a skin by tariks-sims

匿名 asked: Ur not to be rude.. Did you get your nose and mouth done??? ;o;

haha no i dont like surgery, scare me D:

Ahri (popstar) from League of Legends.

Model by sticklove and 3d max scene by LoneWolf117 (DA) and pose by me.